UniSearch was commissioned on the time to check the product before its release to the public. The research and improvement of this compact fan-forced vent into a sub-floor air flow solution also offered the lowest decibel rating, resulting in Solarfan to be the quietest system in the marketplace – and, proudly, still is.If left untreated, this… Read More

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The objective of sub ground air flow is to switch the moist air with fresh dryer air. As Sydney’s longest established company putting in vents for improving ventilation to sub ground areas, and with all kinds of techniques to cope with virtually any scenario including heritage listed properties, we consider we now have the answer to your air flow… Read More

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Zone three is coastal Australia and requires 6,000 sqmm of air flow per linear metre of exterior wall, utilizing Aleta 230 x seventy five vents in Zone three would imply spacings at .eighty five metres. The Australian Building code 3.four.1 offers with sub-ground ventilation.Even if there are current vents, the air circulate might not be fast enoug… Read More